Speak up!

Understand and be understood.

Don't feel lost in translation anymore.
Enjoy your trip and collect memories instead.
Take your 1100 + useful daily phrases with authentic pronunciation.
Feel confident and comfortable when traveling abroad.

Speak like a native
Talk like a local.

Yes, it's just for you,

dear world citizens and world travellers.

SpeakUP Phrasebook is your pocket language guide that will assist you in everyday
situations when visiting a foreign country:

Discover the full list of situations


You have even more reasons to choose

SpeakUP Phrasebook

We know there a plenty of online dictionaries and phrasebooks,
language apps and tools out there on the market. Some of them good, others not so good.
Being a team of language enthusiasts, professional linguists and wandering wanderlusters,
we understand very well your needs and wishes.

So, we came up with some excellent app features which when used properly
will give your superpowers:

Feel good:
Intuitive design and pleasant user experience.
In every situation:
A good (an elaborate) list of 30 categories.
Dare for more: No, not just 200 words and phrases,
not even 400. They are more than 1100.

Train your ears: High quality audio by native speakers.
Search quickly: Easily find words and expressions.
Make a favourites list: Convenient way to organize
and access phrases that you want to master.

Become a Master: Test your knowledge in each category
and watch your progress. Do it again and again,
because practice makes you perfect.

Sounds really useful to you?

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